Monday, November 17, 2008

Early Christmas for PuggerHugger

Twice in one week I am tearful over the generosity of my Ravelry friends. This time I need to post a huge THANK YOU to DEBKNITSPINS/AKA Debbie for the fantatic SOAB swap package! I've been following these threads for weeks, and enjoying the silliness. I always tend to forget that I'm supposed to GET a package, I'm so impatient for my person to receive theirs. I had already decided that its just the thought that counts and I was just kinda hoping to get some small handmade thing. WOW. Ok I took so many pictures Im not sure I can load them all, so I'll describe: 1. A very sweet letter describing everything including thoughtful comments as to how she came up with recipe ideas for my family, and kind thoughts about the pugs, and even 75 cents which is so hilarious and Im so sorry about that! She also ays she hoped I didnt mind another scarf because Im into TS group, but I plan to make all the TS scarves into a blanket or wall art, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful scarf made from her own Design! i need to get a better picture of the cool shape of it. It even has beads! She sent Peppermint hot coco (my fave) an adorable santa mug, doggie treats! Two beautiful hanks of handspun yarn in my fave colors purple n orange! Two ornaments, a Santa and a lil candycane one that really struck home with me, matching santa kitchen towels, a bag chock full of jellbeans and chocolate (yay!!!) a funny funny nun card (holy cow) LOL, yummy new chicken recipes! santa kitteh postits, hilarious! TWO skeins of knitpicks! Which Im excited I've wanted to try it for awhile, Also last but so not least, three THREE washcloths- a ballband one (is it hard? Ive heard of these) one is a Superman S in pink! And one, orange, with a paw. I am just so touched!!!! And I cant get over the scarf. Just so beautiful. Thank you so much, DEB!!!!


Shebear29 said...

This is the way to accept a package that had loads of hard work put into it for you. Everything looks great.

Kimbo said...

awesome stuff there, friend!!!


(aka SugarMomma on Ravelry)

wow! It looks awesome!

Fru said...

snaps for treasure!!!