Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pug Alert

Jolly is getting used o his new home- today he was chewing on a shoe and we told him no of course, so he waited till we were eating dinner, grabbed the shoe and ran like hell across the house.

I've also gotten word of a four year old baby girl pug in Georgia who's family suddenly decided that three dogs was too many. Her name is Easter and I'm going to pick her up this weekend after Thanksgiving. My intention is to foster her till we can find a good family for her. Hopefully I won't get totally attached. (right)


Fru said...

I laughed when you told me about Jolly and his attempted "private time" with the shoe. I can't wait to see pics of babygirl from GA.

Rocky Moreno said...

Your so sweet to foster until you find a family.
That would be so hard for me to do, I'd get attached.

Happy Thanksgiving!