Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yarny Day

Had a great day today, much better than yesterday's forced march through downtown Asheville in 90 degree weather with three boys and two dogs. (We were going to the july 4th thingey). Well actually things got better right after that because Son #1's best friend surprised us by coming from GA a day early and we celebrated July 4th by going to Black Mountain to watch fireworks. They were glorious! This morning I headed over to the church and met with the Fibre Friends. We had an absolutely lovely time, showing our projects, and they each told about where they'd lived before and how long they'd been going to UU. I'm the only crocheter and that seemed fine. I heard one lady named Margaret tell such an adventurous lifestory about her childhood in the UK, joining the RAF in WW2 and meeting her husband, who was Canadian and how they ended up in Florida then here. Just a great group. Also they had a huge donated yarn supply and I was able to take all the pinks and a few other pastels for the gourmet crochet Amigurumi projects I wanted to do. Plus I found three balls of NORO in there they let me have!
Next I drove over to this new place just opened called the Free Book Exchange in Riverside Park off Lyman St. Fell in love with it right away. It's a small loft type space, all hippified with small reading nooks a toy area and crammed full of various free books. They were having a clothing exchange so I dropped off some things and two boxes of books and roamed around looking for crochet or knitting books. Didn't ind any but the people were very nice, and they said of course we could CIP/KIP there, hold classes, even display art for sale (!) I left with a few pr shorts for the boys, a copy of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden, a Lloyd Alexander book, Thoreau, and a book about a captive of the Sioux Indians that I had eyed a year or so ago.
Got home and the boys had actually been OUTSIDE building forts in the woods, a huge hobby of mine as a child, and I was so glad that they were outdoors! Then hubby told me he's fixed the commode. I am overflowing with joy (no pun intended). We had a nice supper, minimal squabbling, no loose dogs, and I've been attempting to knit the Noro since six pm. Just a very peaceful day. Tomorrow will be interesting- taking the boys to church. We decided its high time we force fed them SOME sort of value system, and at least UU gives them plenty of choices and empowers them to think for themselves while respecting other people's ethics.

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