Monday, July 21, 2008

Traveling Scarf!

I have been waiting all day and it finally arrived! I love love love this whole traveling scarf idea. Our group on Ravelry is #17 "Crochet Coffee and Candy" How awesome is that?! OK so I got Tara's sweet lil scarflet, and her notebook. Can't wait to write in it! She included some goodies too, which being such a noob I hope I'm understanding that goodies are for me? And this means I get to buy goodies for pooterprincess... YAY!! Goodies are some funky yarns, a cute notepad and magnet with matching pen, and some nice scrapbook stickers. I hope you will all do traveling scarves (my legion of readers....cough) and include goodies like yarn, candy, yarn, coffee mugs, yarn, stickers, etc.
Thanks Tara!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am glad you liked everything, not really within the group title but it seemed your style with the pups and what not. My gnome was the lionbrand pattern that I pretty much followed although, as with most patterns, I slightly stray every now and again. I love gourmetcrochet! I have her page bookmarked so little by little I can purchase the patterns they are just gorgeous...really all of them are. Anywho, All of those items are for you, I am new to the traveling scarf too and I was under the understanding that usually people just send off their pieces but every now and then send little treasures. I thought I would send you a few treasures this first time around and I am pleased you enjoyed them. Take care, Tara