Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Helpers

Last night I attented the Asheville UU service for the Tennessee Valley UU congregation. I am so proud of my church family. So glad I am a part of this wonderful, loving, intelligent group of people! Our children's educator Taryn got up and spoke, and told us all a story about Mr Rogers
that has been of comfort. When he was small, Mr. Rogers liked to watch the news on TV, even the "bad" things. His mom and grandmother explained to him that it was ok to watch these awful things as long as he remembered what the important part was- the helpers. They told him that whenever bad things happen there are helpers. That's the important thing, that's what he was to look for.
Taryn said there were a lot of helpers at TVUU.

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Alexis said...

That's lovely. I miss Mr. Rogers!!