Monday, July 14, 2008

Parkside Protest

I feel so guilty today. I really had such a nice time at the parkside protest. The weather was lovely and I met some great people. Jennifer is a knitter friend from Raveler with a great smile. The innocent looking older lady is the real heart of the protest but I'm horrid with names, so you can find her here. The sharp dressed fellow is Fred Adams (hope I got that right) who used to work at this center for non-violent training in Highlands where Rosa Parks went before the sit down on the bus. Then there's the graceful Lady in the hat, Lady of a local coven who is committed to staying at the magnolia 24/7 to protect it from the bad guys. I sat and crocheted in the shade of the wonderful tree and added a tiny bit of hope that somehow this Mr. Coleman guy will find his way to NOT plunking a huge condo in the park. Rally tomorrow at 4pm! Yay!

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