Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crochet Fever is Catching

Here is son #1's best friend, who is over from GA for a few weeks. After I made his funky hat (yep with some of the antique wool) he decided he wanted to learn crochet. He is modeling his new belt, ankle bracelet, bracelet and necklace. Son #2 and #3 as well as hubby are all working on chain stitching and sc. I'm kinda flabbergasted.


MiscKnits said...

Did you have to bribe your family to let you teach them or are they willing participants?!? I knit and I've tried to get everyone in my family involved - to no avail! Both my girls know how but won't - I guess it's just too nerdy for them! And my husband said he would learn - but he's afraid he would get better than me and I would resent him! Probably true!!!

puggerhugger said...

It was just weird, they all just started asking to learn, picking up hooks and waving them around. I'm hoping its a passing phase, because half of my hooks are missing now. LOL