Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Pattern and Crap

So I have been feeling kinda off lately, could it be withdrawal from the anxiety meds?! New shrink appt is not till July 21. I knew I felt dizzy (and anxious, har har) but went to a doc yesterday finally and he says not only am I dizzy from that junk but I have a freking ear infection, I managed to damage some discs in me back moving in, and he tells me to stay horizontal for three days on all kinds of meds. Do you know how hard it is to crochet lying down?! I had been thinking though, about making a scarf to match the accidentally cute granny squarey hat that I made a few weeks ago. I decided to do two small squares on each end, with fringeys, and the middle is a puffstitch alternating with a double crochet. When I finish it I think I will post pics and pattern, wont that be exciting. Right now I have to go take the anxiety meds, the cortizone inhaler, the amoxicillin, the muscle relaxer and the pain pill. And I thought I was dizzy before.... i think i might puke.

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