Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cotlin Review

Yesterday Mini Purl went to the vet for her re-check. Little loaf of bread has gained a pound! Doc says it's her thyroid and she will feel even better on thyroid meds. Also we did xrays and her lungs are totally cleared of infection, doc said she's a totally different dog and that we saved her life. I was glad to hear it! Now she's scheduled for dental on Tuesday which means pulling her rotten teeth. Poor girlie.
In yarn news, I got a skein of Knitpicks Cotlin in blackberry and used some of it to whip out a Terry Pratchett Inspired Handkerchief thingey. I LOVE this yarn. It is soft yet strong, no splitting, smooth, and the blackberry color is like a deep dark purple. Fabulous. The pattern was a fun fast knit too, and would not look so crooked except Easter was in my lap (as usual) and leaped off at one point jerking all my stitches off the needles. Ya. So it's crooked. Now I want to get a crapton more of this exact color and make a summer tank or something. I'm also doing my first toe-up sock pattern and man, it is SO much more fun than cuff-down!

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MonkehMama de Fru said...

honeybear! I loves mini purl and the socks! I'ma do those after I finish Maggies!!