Friday, May 15, 2009

Tasty Bumblebees

Well it was a good title. The pugs have been really intrigued lately with bees that fly through the house. This one was attacked and taken down by one of our smaller dust rhinos, then the pugs stalked it for awhile before they decided it was yummy and crunchy. Also pictured, Mini Purl kindly allowing us to scratch her belly. You can see the loaf(as in loaf of bread)has such a hard life here in Pug Castle. I got my Opal skeins and Malabrigo today, that I traded for, but Im so sad, the Opal is just solids, nothing exciting like Harry Potter or Rainforest. The Mal is purty though! I'm started on sock #2, and can't wait to finish up. Mr FUnky Monkey arrived today, the colors are just drooly. Am I making a bit of sense?

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Cristi-Lael said...

Were you looking for Opal in stripes? I happen to have several skeins of Opal in a blue, black, white and yellow colorway. If'n you'd like, I could add a skein to your tweedy scarf package that I swear will get out to eventually. ;o)