Friday, December 12, 2008

I look Fabulous, Darling

So I was having a really bad day. Two of the hounds got loose and tried to eat this little puffball dog that was roaming the street. I ran up there trying to catch them and our lovely next door neighbor pops out and started screaming threats and curses at me at the top of her lungs. The little dog was ok, and the guy who owns it was yelling at me too. I HATE being screamed at. But then a friend of mine said that she wanted to help us out with Christmas for the boys, which I tried to tell her no way but she's very stubborn and related to Mother Theresa, so I think my kids might get SOMETHING for Christmas after all. Then to top it off, wonderful Shebear had made me a beautiful shawl as a gift and mailed it mid-November, and we think the post office must have just decided to keep it. We were both bummed, and finally sent bitchy emails, then guess what arrived in my mailbox today! LOOK at how awesome!!! Also there were cute little cupcake magnets and NO, Amandaleigh you cant haz them, and some lion brand cotton yarn! In orange! THANK YOU Shebear!!!! XOX


Shebear29 said...

I am so happy it finally made it to you. It looks great on you. :)

Fru said...

ooh..snaps for the shawl! grunts for the azzholes that yelled at you!!