Saturday, December 27, 2008

Automatic ^rection

So spacey today! Bad cold. So the hub and I have this running joke about son #2. He has no idea of course, being only 10 and pretty sheltered, but this kid is constantly saying something that could be interpreted in a less than savory way. We call him "the pron king" only switch the letters. Here is this morning's sterling example:

Whole family is chilling in the great room, son #2 is on his computer game and in the relative quiet morning he sings out "It's an automatic errrrrrrectionnnnnnn."

The hub and I look at each other. "Son, what did you just say?" says I.

Again he belts out "It's an automatic erectionnnnnnnnn!"

"Nick, an erect^on is when your penis gets hard. Where did you hear that song?"

Insert entire family snickering and giggling

"From Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights on tv."

Son #3 the knowitall corrects him- "It's ejection, Nick."

A few minutes later... "It's an automatic erectionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! oops."

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