Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Dinner in a Can!

Where to even begin. OK, this morning we finally got the little puggle fence put in, and I felt about 200% better just watching my babies cavorting out in the grass. Then some packages arrived. First there was an envelope from Mary, with two skeins of Malabrigo in my very favorite yarn color. There was also a sweet card, which said "May all of your holiday dreams come true", and a gift card to Walmart. Lovely Mary, with her generous heart. It's so funny, isnt it, that every year I let go of more and more expectations out of life, and life just gets better and better so unexpectedly.

The other box I thought was from our fairy pugmother, who has insisted that the boys should get some gifts. But the top of the box had "Turn Up the Funny" on it...hmmmmm. Doesn't sound like fairy pugmother. I opened the box, hands kinda shaking because 1. Generous Mary and 2. Love Surprises and first I saw some potpourri...then a huge crap-ton of prezzies! The one on top said to open now. I think I forgot how to work my camera for a few minutes. Did I mention how much I love surprises?
When I opened it I knew right away- it was from LULU and GRANDPA the cutest puglet in NY! It was a gorgeous handmade ornament in the famous Lulu style! I was so excited. At that point i had put the camera down, to hang the ornament, and then rushed back into the kitchen and lost the camera which was right there in front of me. Surprises=pugger freaks out. OK so there were some prezzies in there for Lizabee and her family too, which I will deliver on Friday. There was a fantastic glamorous photo card of Lulu, Grandpa and Lulu's glam hubby. Also a card telling all about Santas in Iceland- apparently one is called the window peeker (hee!) and there are 13 different ones. They put their shoes out for 13 nights and these prankster Santas fill the shoes with little gifts each of the 13 nights! I love that. Lulu even sent the puggles a Christmas dinner in a can- this dogfood can contains turkey, sweet potatos, beans, apples, etc. so we ALL want to say: THANK YOU to Lulu, Grandpa, and our sweet friend Mary.
Who needs to wish for anything in this world with friends like mine?


Anonymous said...

lulu is full of awesomeness and i'm jealous of your package opening event and looking forward to knitty friday especially much! life is full of surprises the more you let go. i'm trying to remember that.

puggerhugger said...

Me too! Kniity Friday with Gramma prezzies! XOX

Fru said...

Isn't it great to be so loved?!!! That's an awesome haul you got there, missy!!!

Anonymous said...

Puggerhugger and Lizabee are the feeling of "Christmas Everyday"!! xoxo from Grampa Palace