Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun Friday

Today the puggles were (obviously) traumatized because I was gone all afternoon. I met Lizabee at the coffee place and she knitted and I talked her ear off. Then we went to Purl's and looked at Yarn. (woohoo) I didn't buy any though, and I might end up getting to work for Lindsey! 30% off yarn. (woohoo again)
Then we had a nice lunch and went into this wonderland of stuff called Mast General Store, smack full of old fashioned candy, old timey kids toys, and 50% off all Christmas stuff. I bought a moravian star that holds a votive candle. Even hubby made (fake) appreciative noises. Well it was four bucks!
When I got home I did up a version of the Christmas Rose in purple and cream for a group 30 scarf. I think its my best ever. (woohoo #3)
also cast on today for a blanket-Bob for Manitoba2ct's new grandbaby.

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