Monday, December 1, 2008

Easter Pie

Jolly Bean is beside himself with joy. We have a new little girl and her name is Easter. I call her Easter Pie. She is very very snorty. We picked her up near Lagrange in GA yesterday and I proceeded to drive back to Ashevegas. *HA* Easter does NOT ride in her kennel. She sounds like the Tazmanian Devil on steroids trying to dig through plastic when we put her in there, so son #1 and I spent NINE feverish (both of us are sick) hours playing furry ball toss. Did I mention the 4 hr drive was nine hours? Did I mention the girl baby likes to ping pong back n forth while riding in a car? Thank goodness she is cute.


Anonymous said...

Easter Pie!! What an adorable new friend for Jolly pug! Puggerhugger, you are truly blessed and we love you!

Fru said...

snaps for Easter Pie!!