Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Accidental Date Night

So our oldest is visiting his friend in Georgia for the holidays, and the youngest had a spend the night out last night. Plus, Jolly went under the knife yesterday, and was unusually subdued. I looked around and realized we had a mostly empty house and a pack of sleepy dogs, so the hub and I decided to go out to dinner! (Big deal when you've been married 11+ years and seldom spend money on restaurants. We decided to drive down Hendersonville Road and try out the new Stir Fry Cafe across from EarthFare. I had a vague hankering for soup. It turned out to be a really pleasant time. The atmosphere was comfortable, great blues music, very inexpensive, and the food was excellent. I had miso soup and my first Pud Thai. YUM. The hub: hot n sour soup and some spicy thing. Then we wandered around earthfare looking for good tea. We do tend to wander a lot.
I also finished up the chemocap that the hub had asked me to make for his friend's wife. I used a soft cotton Plymouth Jeanne and the pattern for eyelet chemocaps in Knitting for Peace Book. If you try it, use circs. Cotton slides off size 5 dpns like crazycakes.

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