Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yarny Business Items

Attention, come to order, etc etc.

All kinds of stuff going on in the Ravelry world of yarny goodness!

First of all, Onesweettart is getting a huge secret RAK from the Traveling Scarves group, and each group is being asked to contribute something special to help her feel better. Think Pink is doing a shawl, thanks to Shebear29's brill idea. All you have to do is send yarn/postage $ to me or to Sheila. We can make the shawl, or if you are a crocheter you might want to work on it with us.

Also, I've decided that in addition to a huge pink box of goodies, my secret swap partner should get a really meaningful gift in Pink Fall Swap. SO if you are looking for info on my request for troops, here it is:

Please go to
for more info on the project. All I'm asking is that if you are interested in doing something for the troops, do it in honor of Shannon and then let me know so I can add your name to the list. When our swap is done I can give her a list of names of you wonderful crafters that sent helmet liners and slippers overseas in her honor! Shannon is serving in Kuwait, and she is my yarny hero.

I so hope that she does not decide to read this blog herself and spoil the surprise! EEKS!

Last but least, a wishlist for the puggerhugger, just in case anyone could read through all that giving stuff and still feel generous. LOL. This is just for my swap pals in case they are out of ideas of what the hell do I get for that Puggerhugger for a swap?! Here's ideas:

Pugger's wishlist (I have no shame)
1. Yankee Candle citrus n sage
2. handmade knit/crochet items especially socks, that would be so cool!
3. chocolate. coffee.
4. trinkets- pens, fancy stickers, stitch markers or beads
5. ravelry tote
6. the pattern for meathead hat
7. Noro Aurora, or any Noro
8. Ann Budd Books for making sweaters or socks.
9. Folk Sweater Book
10. sandalwood oil smelly good stuff
11. sock yarn. Me loves the socky yarns!
12. pug stuff
16 Any size 10" harmony straights from knitpicks

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