Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monkijan: Generous Sweet Knitter !

I have never met this raveler but someday I want to give her big, chocolatey hugs. I guess she read about my appeal for socks for our troops in honor of my secret pink pal, because here is what her response was: First there was a box of heaven/aka chocolate for the pugger (thats me) plus some glorious dark pink sockyarn for Shannon which I will get to work on for her right away, and she even sent a bag of chicken treats for the baby. I tried to get a pic of one in his mouth but as you can tell from the bug eye face these treats were going too fast for any silly mommie poses. Bless you, Monkijan! We all (pugger, Boots, four fur friends, hubby and boys, and Shannon who spent last weekend in Iraq) love you!

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Jani said...

Ohmygosh - those chocolates melted everywhere! Ziplocs are a wonderful thing, no?? At least they didn't get on the Puglet's treats - I love his adorable face :^) So glad you like your sprizes - you're doing good work too, ya know.