Saturday, September 20, 2008

Environmentally Responsible Death

Today has been really whimsical and its only 2:30. I rushed to the women's breakfast at church this morning, bagels in hand, and was priviledged to attend a program called "A Grave Matter" where the discussion centered around this guy's book "Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry To a Natural Way of Burial"

Listening to (mostly) older women, ok all of 'em were old, discuss being cremated and then shot out as fireworks or using cardboard coffin boxes to save the planet was pretty neat. My favotire part was "I used to dream about going on a one-way ride to the moon, shot towards the underbelly of the whale."

Another popular idea is mixing ashes into cement and becoming part of the artificial barrier reef.

UU's are so refreshing.

Then I headed to an estate sale where a woman had died (most likely not shot as fireworks) and I found some neat little knitting looms and old crochet hooks (four are bone) as well as 4 niddy noddy's. I'm linking to ravelry so if you want a niddy noddy, a loom, or bone hooks just pm puggerhugger. :)

The coolest find was this folding pattern-holder which you can see in the picture sits right next to my knittng corner so the puglet won't eat my pattern while I'm trying to read it.

Last I stopped in at Purl's to exchange the fourteen balls of highly obnoxious Debbie Bliss "luxury" Donegal Tweed for 8 balls of this beautiful soft turquoise Arucania. Go go Mr. greenjeans sweater! Wish me luck. No, seriously, Im terrified.


Jani said...

Don't be scared - you'll do just fine! And, umm, what's a niddy noddy??

Fru said...

Love your blog & I know the sweater will turn out great!!!!