Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So all three of my kids are blooming here in Ashevegas. Son #1 joined the band, has passing grades, and voluntarily signed up for a nerd club at school. We are all nerds (I probably did not need to inform you of this) so I am delighted. Son #2 has just been placed in the gifted program at school and has made a friend to invite to his birthday party next week. Son #3 is in a huge cub scout pack and has been invited to a playdate thing already. I'm a content Mom.

I still don't have a job, probably because most of my time is spent either on household chores or playing with yarn. OK, I spend a few hours on Ravelry. Every few hours. *clears throat*

But I am doing volunteer work at the Hospice, my class starts tomorrow night, and i'm trying to set up a weekly knit with my friend Lizabee.

The rest of my bragging is because I got a surprise package from another Ravelry friend today, MarySK sent me a fancy box of loot for no reason! And I know she must have read my wishlist on here somewhere, because she sent me yankee candles in sage n citrus, Crabtree & Evelyn lotions, even some cotton yarn! A lovely sweet note, a pouch for circs which is so handy, and a Halloween writing pad. Sweet!!!

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Fru said...

Awesome about your kids!!! I love getting gifts in the mail, too! You are doing awesome on your sweater by the way!