Thursday, July 16, 2009

There was an incident

Last night there was a scary thing that will forever be called "the Mini Purl incident" in Bowman family history. Without getting into details, let's just say that it woke the entire famdamily @ 4am, and I have a healthy respect for Truelove, who gave me the pumpkin cure for pug poo. God Bless her. So this morning son #2 and I went off on an aromatic adventure with Dharma the visiting sock monkey, to get the blankets washed.
We had a blast (after the blankets were safely out of the van) in South Asheville. We found pg tips at Ingles! Woot! We went to a cool new thrift store on Sweeten Creek Road and I scored some acrylic paints, an ink pad set and a great belt, and son #2 wasted, oh excuse me, spent, ten bucks on fricking candy. Hey, it was his homework in the summertime bribe money. We took Dharma into 12 Bones, the frickfracking BEST bbq I have ever tasted OMG!!!! I think Obama ate there when he was in Asheville. It's really interesting too, I think it used to be a jail? I want to go back and eat in the cell. (see pic of Dharma next to the flying pig).
At one point we drove past this random field on Sweeten Creek Rd and someone had mowed a giant smiley face into it. That was such an Asheville moment for me. Lots of knitting to catch up on!


Anonymous said...

Geez, you have such fun times!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just said that