Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr Foster Goes Down

Despite heavy peer pressure (KATHY) I just frogged the hell out of Mr fricking Foster. It felt soooooooo good.
Then I crocheted handles for the Haekelbeutel
Two down, what am I, kidding? I'll just keep casting on more stuff. Well, don't your projects tend to change focus as your skills increase? Or maybe it's just ADD.


dirtyjeepgirlie said...

ooohhhh! i have that pattern in my queue! i started some of the squares but the colors i chose were too bright! i love your color scheme!

Anonymous said...

I have all the squares crocheted for a navy and purple(what else - lol) haekelbeutel and it's hibernating someplace in the stack.

Sorry about Mr. Foster...maybe he requires more genetic testing...