Friday, July 10, 2009

Monkey goes berserkers

It has been a weird couple of days. First I was knitting the Beehive hat and it turned into a ginormous hat explosion. Then this morning ward and I were talking and all of a sudden there was this HUGE crashing sound followed by a big ZZZZAAAAAPPPP. We thought at first a squirrel had kamikazied on the power line because all the power went out, but then we saw a huge tree was down at the top of the culdesac. As I got closer I saw that our new monkey guest, the peaceful Dharma, had climbed to the top of this really tall tree and stomped till it fell onto the power line. She said she wanted the boys to stop playing computer games and pay attention to her instead. I woke their butts up and they are all playing twister while I get caught up over here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well I never thought I'd see the day.......Dharma. Wow a trouble maker. She must have really wanted to play with the boys!
She's certainly got a lot of strength for her size. I hope no one was hurt.