Monday, June 22, 2009

Unexpected Score

Wow. Ok, this is all a bit embarassing. I started the purple scarf group back in September. I got into so many in Traveling Scarves that um, I think I forgot which ones I finished. All I know is that when I'd get a scarf I'd follow the directions or requests and mail it on. Anyway I was pretty sure I was done with purples till this package arrived from AmandaPage. OMG the scarf is gobsmacking gorgeous! Also included, possibly just because she is made of awesome sauce, was a recipe for honey crackles, a pink floweredy tape measure, a yummy smelly good pink sheep soap, TWO gorgeous sets of stitch markers and some pretty postycards! Oh, and the bobblesheep washcloth, which is so cute and is already in my stack of things to make...Oh group 44 rawks!
Ok also, same day, another package from 2mayboys who I had been coveting her adorable sock monkey tape measures, and she sent me one! AND a freaking beautiful project bag! Dawn, I will get my yarny Rak revenge! You are the best! So yeah this whole post is me bragging about being spoiled. Uh huh. That is all.

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Fru-la-la! said...

you are fabulous!!