Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cupcakes Rule

I am about to head to the Atl to get Knittymac for Ashevegas Tractor Retreat- very psyched! But first, some cupcake pron brought to you by AmandaLeigh- candybritches to those of us who love her best. 'Manda always sends THE BEST swap packages! She was my swap angel for baked goods and I got spoilt! Two bags of cookies, one choc chip and one huge bag of Pumpkin choc chip (meh boys thank you and ask for your hand in marriage) also an awesome book of cute cupcakes called "Hello, cupcake" and another one with dessert recipes. TWO I-said-TWO skeins of the new Kureyon colors (do I deserve all this??) ok then my favorites of all: a cookie cup cozy, a cookie soap (hope the boys do not eat) one of those adorable scrabble tile necklaces with a cupcake on it which I am wearing, a cupcake magnet, a cupcake stamp, three (!) pattern holder magnet strips with cupcakes in case I forget what they look like, a scrappin set of stickers, a cookie stitchmarker, another set of cookie stitch markers from etsy, adorable Im telling you! And the last thing cause she knows me so well, pink pug stitch markers, but they have earring posts on them so I stole two for earrings, k? Amanda sweetie, you are the best most cuppycake queen of all time! Thank you so much!


CandyBritches said...

Love you! Give Mac a hug for me!

Linda Goncher said...

Hey, caught your comment about what we have in common - that is uncanny! You live in Asheville - I so want to retire there one day!

I have a blog also here called KNITTING IN DELRAY BEACH

My screen name is & my name on Ravelry is lindagoncher

8ntfrogn said...

Okay that cupcake book is too darn cute and miss CandyBritches is a very generous person. I got yarn for no reason and I lurves it.
Let me know how the cup cake recipes are.

Lurves You