Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almost Summer

I like summer, except for the pollen thing. We have baby birds that were just born in the eaves of our house, and fireflies in the yard. I'm being all busy with dr appoinments, school conferences and getting son #2 ready for his heart camp. In my spare time I'm doing a crochet Haekelbeutel out of cotlin. I also started on my buddy's Dollywood swap doll, which so far really does look pretty cool- it's going to be wonderwoman! I got a surprise package from Grandpa today, probably for Easter but she let me take a few pictures of her loot: a box of ring dings which is almost as funny as a box of ding dongs. Also a funny card, and an Amputee Bunny. Totally serious. He claims to have had his arm bitten off by a cranky wizard. Easter is allowing me to put him on a shelf with a few friends so that Jolly can't disembowel him right away.
So I thought the latke party thing was today around 1pm, no worries. Then Son #3 last night insists that we ALL come and that its at 8 bloody am. So we get up a 6am, stumble around make the latkes, go to the school...yep it was laer in the day. And no parents. So for revenge I whipped out Valentina, dressed in her new satin outfit, and sweetly asked the teacher to pose with son #3. He of course was the only one who was aware of Valentina's gender issues, and you can tell from his face that he was not amused to be in the picture. Sweet sweet revenge.
Tomorrow is knitty Friday- yay! I'm hoping Lizabee and I can go check out the hotel for tractor retreat. Speaking of Tractors, submitted here is the June page of my fab nun calendar!


Cristi-Lael said...

Love getting revenge on kids!!!

Katie said...

My name is Katie Damien, I'm an independent filmmaker in Asheville. Just for fun I decided to shoot a family friendly movie starring my dogs. My family had two pugs, but one of them has died and I am one scene short of finishing the movie. I didn’t want to shoot anymore of the movie after that, but I would like to dedicate the movie to my dog and now a friend's dog who was also in the movie and has recently died. I was wondering if your tan pug might be available as a stand in for the last scene. You can email me if you are interested and I'll give you more details.