Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy Craft Swap and Confused Ravelers

Ok, my girlies are confused. When they have birthdays I get these awesome packages. I sent Manitoba2ct a big fun something last week and she mailed me gummy chocolates. Today is MarySK's birthday (HAPPY DAY MISSYMOO) and her package is waiting to be mailed Monday, and she sent me a striped sock monklet yesterday! I think she knew I was lonely. He was carrying pretty yarn and a gorgeous dishcloth knitted by Mary. XOX!!!

The Church had a craft swap yesterday too. I brought tons of yarn and fleece and scrapping stuff so I would not feel guilty when I came home with new crafty things. The deal was you just showed up and traded stuff. I scored BIG time! I got: a big artist easel and beautiful japanese papers, ribbon, a tin, magnetic tape, gel pens and colored pencils, three skeins of tahki cotton in pink tweed, a quilting kit (for Rik), dark green wool, gold wool, purple red heart (yeah I know but it's PURPLE) a copy of Interweave Knits Spring '08, ROWAN #34!!!!, pretty scrapbook paper, a knitting card, some cloth for Lizabee, a special surprise for my Tractor Swap partner, a bunch of Colinette ribbon yarn and mohair yarn, and six moonlight mohair Lion Brand. DUDE. OK, Mac, so I have reported as requested. :)

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MonkehMama de Fru said...

You scored big time, cutie pie!!