Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be Still and Know Day

Today I took Joy the Sock Monkey to run some errands. First we stopped into the Biltmore Traders, this coffee shop near the house. It used to be Bob Ingles garage. Joy got to play with a magic 8 ball while I chatted with the owner about World Religions, then we got to explore the roaster and even had a geography lesson on coffees of the world.
Afterwards we dropped in at hospice to see Miss Jane and turn in my February paperwork. Miss Jane wants Joy to come back and visit with the patients, so you guys will get an update on that later this month. Apparently visiting sock monkeys are welcome at hospice. Good to know. Miss Jane had some great words of wisdom, too. She related that every so often she needs a break (from being a gorgeous southern belle) and puts on her pj's ALL DAY. She says this is what she calls a "Be Still and Know" Day- when you "Commune with the Lord, yourself, and aol poker." Miss Jane, pictured here with Joy, highly recommends this for what ails you.

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MonkehMama de Fru said...

Looks like a most awesome adventure!!