Sunday, June 29, 2008

geek out

It kind of freaks me out that I understood this.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Do NOT make this hat with cotton yarn

The pattern said wool. What was I thinking?! Now I know. Red Heart is great for amigurumi but a long sc stitch hat took forever, did not stretch and I got so bored I added a dbl stitch and a huge increase by accident and had to slipstitch at the end. Arg.
In other unrelated news, Asheville is sunny and even the rain is short and sweet and the whole place reeks of peaceful goodness. I love it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too cute


Here's the horrid creature with his new toy from ravelry puglovers swap!

Dog Drama Continued

Here is a pic of the "viscious bulldog" that attacked the old biddy up the street, who proceeded to call landlord's snoopy dog-hating sister. Notice the big foaming jaws of doom.

Penis cozy

Catchy title, huh. I started on a new hat for Son #2 yesterday, from the book that Raineya sent me in the pugswap. It looks like a penis cozy right now. Im exhausted. Part of combining two households for this move involved taking on a combination of five dogs, and Boots is the only one used to being on a leash. So we just moved here and so far animal control has already issued a warning citation, and last night the big dogs led Boots off somewhere at two thirty am and he was gone for an hour, followed by a big dogfight in the kitchen and one of them bringing home a dead cat after chasing off yet another pissed off neighbor out walking their dog. If we had the dosh there would already be an electric fence in place but we are broke till Wednesday. The stress is getting to me. All the neighbors probably hate us already, except for one couple we met while dog chasing. Rolling eyes...going to take a nap....will clean up dog pee off the floor later because NOONE is going outside for any reason. And I'm not dwelling on poor kitty either.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Here are a few pics of our move to Asheville. As you can see, Boots did most of the driving. We had some trouble getting hooked back into civilization (translation: two weeks with five crazed dogs and three little boys no tv and no internet) EEKS!!!
So basically I heaved boxes around and made LOTS of STUFF. I want to show the stuff but I feel retarded about uploading pics at the moment. However, most exciting news is our ravelry puglovers' swap! First I am almost done shopping for my secret buddy person, I want to add a doggie toy to her package though. I had a hard time choosing the perfect yarn because I went into Purl's in Asheville for knit night (yes adventures abound here) and they had sooooo much yummy color. I ended up splurging on some pretty yarn in a combination of her favorite colors. Can't say much more yet because its not sent yet! I also added a bunch of lil chachkas (stuff) like beads and such, of same colors for craft embellishments, and I made her a square in her fave color. So today I'm waiting on the cable guy alll day...and we got a package! My swap stuff!!! YAY!!! And boy it is dreamy too. She was so sweet, she put a little note in it about how she made me a crochet sock monkey bookmark, isnt that cute?! And I got a great new book of hat patterrns to make, which I am already looking at one for son #2, and three skeins of gorgeous lavendar yarn, just really so luscious!!! Must post pics! AND Bootsie got a squeaky toy which he howled his pleasure (seriously he talks to squeaky toys) and a whole box of the Mr Pugsy treats which lol all of the dogs spit right out since they are healthy snacks and my crew is spoiled rotten on human food. I love swaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH RAINEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!