Friday, August 22, 2008

Recycled Hand-Dyed OMG

i really REALLY can't quite believe how pretty this turned out. I started with a fugly black and white thrift store sweater. tag on sweater: 85% wool 10% acryclic 5% angora. After I removed the black thread and unraveled it with help from son #3 and Hubby, I finally got up the courage to dye it myself. I had read that cheap fake kool aid makes fun bright colors. I got this stuff at Dollar General. I used two packets at a time, mixed in warm water, dipped half the yarn, put stovetop on six. Fifteen minutes later I did the other half. Then I rinsed in warm water, then soaked in euclan or whatever it says on the bottle. That stuff for washing wool. Anyway soaked fifteen minutes, wrung out and set in the sun. unbelievable!


Eliz said...

Jana, this is awesome! I didn't know you had a blog. Did you knit those socks!?? I'm so jealous whether knitted or crocheted. And so brave to pull apart the sweater and dye it too. You're my yarn hero. I'm still excited I finished a scarf. I finally took pictures of the wee little thing and put it on my ravelry page. HOpe to see you Sunday. Right now I'm in Birthday preparation land for Art.

puggerhugger said...

Yes I have 1.5 socks done LOL
I'm a yarn hero?! I love it, Elizabeth! Thanks!!!!!!!! Happy Bday to Art

Leoal said...

ooh, that's pretty!