Monday, August 4, 2008

Naked Gypsies

I had a really weird day today. first I learned that I have been knitting backwards or something. I took some stuff to KIP at Jack in The Woods, a local pub, for trivia night with some friends. Talk about feeling dumb as a box of rocks. Erg. Anyway this tourist couple next to me was watching my attempts to knit and she showed me how she was taught by her Mum. Maybe I learned something. I have attached random photos that I found online, one has these adorable cupcakes. How can you go wrong with yarn and cupcakes? I want them on my birthday. Also a photo of a lion brand doggie sweater with mane included. Too too funny. Other than random knitting and pics, I must get to the real weirdness here- you know how there's always one family in every neighborhood who are just strange? We have these gypsies. The old granny fortune teller (I am not making this up) daughter fortuneteller, bunch of cute kids. They're always doing stuff in the front yard like selling big Jesus statues or washing their hair in their inflatable pool. So today we drive down the road and I look over and hey, whoa, there's uh, this fat naked woman standing in the front yard rinsing off clothes under a spigot. Just....yeah. Ok.

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SKConley said...

that cat is too funny - and I am pretty sure those cupcakes are almost to pretty to eat.... *almost*