Friday, March 12, 2010

Thrifting score

Last night was really nice, Lindsey took me and Stacey-face to Bouchon for dinner. It's very intimate and the food is fantastic. Stacey said last time she was there she saw Andie Mcdowell. I drank a rasberry margarita and laughed like a horse all evening.

Today was pretty fly also. I went over to Lizabee's house and we watched the video for the OWL program that the parents have to see. We also looked at the awesome costumes for Lizabee's play. She is a sewing genius. Then we went to AC Moore and the Goodwill CLEARANCE store, out behind the regular store on Patton. WOW. A dollar per pound for clothing! Needless to say, I dug around there for a few hours. I got a little girl's halter dress, which i just sewed up the bottom and now I have a new bag with cute buttons on it.

Also stopped into the consignment shop ETC and ruined my bank account by finding the perfect office chair for Purl's. Also scored these crazy silk curtain things, and put them up in the boys' room to replace Ben's tacky sheet fort. It looks so cool!!! See what you think. That's ben celebrating his new room divider by drawing himself a mustache, beard, and wearing a hat.


Fru-la-la! said... are so creative and I love your eye for color!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have been awarded a Sunshine Award. Please visit my blog at to claim your prize!