Friday, November 13, 2009

Flying Monkeys

Sorry about the fuzzy photo, I think my camera is used to taking pics of yarn. Son #2 was a great flying monkey in his play at school. Go figure.
There has been an explosion of cute crafty lately (isnt there always?!) but these especially caught my eye today- felt Thanksgiving meal tutorial , edible flying spaghetti monster tutorial, awesome etsy shop of steampunky goodness , and the stretchy sock bindoff is up on knitty! Also, loving this blog with such cute cute pretty things!
Off to work, me pretties!

Monday, November 9, 2009


It's a small victory, but satisfying I hope. I'm in a library swap in pincushions and we had to find out our partner's favorite books and make some sort of pincushion with that theme. My person loved Little House on the Prarie. I made a Nellie Olsen Voodoo Doll. I got such satisfaction sticking the pins in her!
My domo case came in the mail today and selfishly I refuse to either gift it or let little boys have it but hogged it for sock knitting. Isnt he cute?!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Son #2 got his first pair of cool boy shoes this weekend. Here is the song my boys like to sing about shoes. Uhei, not this r-rated version usually. Also, Urbangypz gave to me the luscious blue yarnz and I'm supposed to make something she can put on her site but I doubt she's expecting this hug scarf I'm making for my Brenda. I want to design one that is a bit shorter so the hands just cover the boobs of the wearer, then put intarsia on it that says "save the tatas". Also, first row of cookie A monkey socks done after frogging twice. Trying to get them perfect for Lindsey.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Danger Will Robinson!

There is a downside to living with four pugs. In the cold winter mornings, with two warm pugs scrunched up behind your butt under the blankets, one snoring next to your head and one curled up against your belly, you could never get up. It's a serious concern. Like global warming.
Lion brand has just released four short vids about knitting socks.I'm hoping I can conquer that hole in the gussett thing. Much more fun lately: knitty Otter's Entrelac Tutorial
So easy! So much fun with Noro.
Im working with Urbangypz who has double superpowers: she spins and dyes. See her cute face pictured above? She gifted me with blindingly green lime sock yarn. I like this local yarn celebrity. You should check her out.