Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surprises and RAKs

I don't like to whine a whole lot so not many people are aware of hard times at pug palace over here, but we sure have had our share lately. Only my Tractor girls really know what's what, and today one of them, MarySK, sent me such a wonderful RAK that I was speechless. Mary dear, you astonish me with your generous heart! This package arrived out of the blue to lift my spirits and I am showing off what I got from her: TWO skeins of Stroll from KnitPiks, one is Playtime and the other is Tea Party, also get this the ENTIRE set of harmony dpn's!!!!!! Now I'm all in a dither about what to cast on for socksies! Yay!
Also in the surprise category, thegirlpurls sent me a very sweet thank you for joining the bookworm swap in pincushions: three patterns! Yay! Thanks Lori!
I am working on my own prezzies too, including a set of crazy looking hootowls,
and trying to design a handknit Erik doll from Trueblood. Let me know if you like the idea of a squishy Erik doll to hold under your pillow, k?


Marcy said...

You totally deserve the awesome socks that yarn will make....
I know life's been beating you around and I should say more but I think you already know what that is.

Twin. Just sayin'

SugarMomma said...

love you honey!

Things will get better.