Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hawt Pink Skivvies

Ward is much better now, and pictured here being greeted by our latest houseguest- visiting Welsh sock monkey Miss Mary Mwinci. Mwinci means monkey in Welsch. I figure I might spell it correctly once out of two times, eh?
Since we are a house bursting at the seams with boys, I decided right off toknit Miss Mary some panties. I used this pattern and thought I'd be clever and make them bigger. As you can see from nunderwoman's fearless pose, the hawt pink britches are huge. Back to the drawing board.
It did give me an idea though- I could almost step into these me own self. Started wondering how cool would it be to get some cotton worsted weight in wonderwoman colors, knit up some boy shorts in my size. Then I thought of fru- cupcake panties! And Jollypyrate- black skivvies with a skully! The possibilities are endless. I think I can do up the pattern. What do y'all think: a pattern for plus sized knitted wonderwoman skivvies. Let me know.

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Fru-la-la! said...

OMGAWD!!! I'd wear them outside of my clothes to show them off!!!! AWESOME!!