Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

1. It is morning (translation: I am typing in my sleep)
2. Mini Purl is fat, warm, and walks like a drunken sailor. She makes me happy.
3. Our backyard looks like an enchanted secret garden.

Now that stuff is all cleared up I can move on to more important things. My friend the chicken queen/aka Janice Higgins has inspired me to re-enact the royal wedding with sock monkeys. I know, brilliant! So I have one day to come up with wardrobe, wig (my only female monkey is in California) etc etc. I feel like running around pulling on my hair and clapping my hands, yelling "people! people!"

hmm, that is not very British of me. How shall we do this?

Fairy tale, lots of pomp? I heard they brought a disco ball into Buckingham Palace so, maybe Shrek style. I wish I had time to knit a lime green sock monkey. Oh, blast.

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