Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shakespeare, Superglue and Strippers

I wish y'all could see what I have seen lately. My friend Lizabee knitted a tree! She is incredibly talented. I've knitted a sweater in hempathy, created a pretty doable marketbag pattern that's up in my ravelry shop, got to have a slumber party with Merino, made two new sock monkeys- a Shakespearean one and a Pirate one. I'm working on a gnome for the shop right now. Getting in gear for Ashevegas2010! Big yarn fun, cant wait! My dream date sock monkey arrived from Karen, his name is either Lyle or Bananaman depending on if he's in his superhero gear or what. He has a laser. Its not a pink pen, its a "LAZER" and he disintegrates tacky yarn objects. As you can see, he's pointing his "LAZER" at crochet toilet paper doll. Fortunately she did not disintegrate since apparently the "LAZER" needed recharging. Other news, crafty-wise, include my 9 dollar acquisition of a new shelf from Goodwill. It came from a coffee shop, or a strip club. It says "GRIND" with a big arrow pointing down on the top. AWESOME craft shelf. Also, I have been playing around with collage and the vintage book tutorial and made a few nifty little books for fun. I used vintage hardbacks and file folders and superglued my fingers together. I used a gift bag from World Market on the Girl Scout book, so it has ribbon ties! That one holds a mead calendar. The other one pictured is Mattie's gaming journal. More of those in the works. The basic tutorial is here.
You can do it! Get out that superglue!
I am collecting pictures for a steampunk version now.

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georgi said...

i love the "lazer"! would you be willing to hire out your hit monkey? and does the "LAZER" work on more than just yarn? lol