Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meaningful and Socially Important Blog Post

Just kidding. It's about a finger. There has been lots of activity going on here in the pug palace what with sock monkeys and market bags being knit, powdered Mountain Gorilla in a can, boy magnets, and Sister Sin on the Lazoom bus tour. So finally I blog and it involves hot glue and Purl's finger. Also, it's just a borrowed finger, which Son #1 found under the couch in the man cave at work. It's Purl's pointer to be exact. Son #1 took it with us to a really scary Chinese buffet on Tunnel Rd. He wanted to put it on the buffet line or something but Ward said no. The place was seedy. Ward was chewing on a dubious rib at one point, while I sat knitting entrelac and praying Son #1 did not need to be airlifted to Mission for eating the "sushi". Suddenly I heard dog whinings outside the scrummy window. I started giggling. "What?" demanded Ward. "He's crying 'cause you're eating his mama" I told him. I mean, don't go there.
So we buy this hershey syrup for ice cream which is my main food group. Instead, the horde descends on the refrigerator every day and Son #1 tanks on chocolate milk. This morning, my big crafty idea for the week was to hot glue Purl's pointer finger to the top of the syrup bottle. A goulish crafty message: don't mess with my chocolate syrup, boy! Mwahahaha! I'm someone's Mom?


Bridget said...

You really are someone's mom? I was once a nanny, and now six year olds look at me with much skepticism!

Fru-la-la! said...

buwahahahaahah!!! You should definitely hot glue the finger to the chocolataye!!! Love you, girlie girl!