Monday, August 17, 2009

Farewell Mr Fish

I told son #2 that Mr Fish would most likely die the first time we looked at him. Brave Mr. Fish lasted two entire days! We had a proper viking funeral complete with burning boat as he was flushed to ValHalla. The boys were thrilled.
Day two with Oscar, he seems to be feeling pretty happy to be here. Such a sweet guy!
Also, I'm almost done with my butter jesus brea bag. I used Malabrigo so it was a fun knit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

There's a New Kid in Town

We really do have a pug palace vibe going now. Today we got a new rescue boy, his name is blind willie but Eric wants to call him Oscar. I really dont object to either name since the little fella is deaf, also blind. Did I mention starving? His lil ribs poke out. Finally, a pug I can fatten up. He's a really good natured little guy, 11 years old and very active and friendly with all the other dogs. Jolly is overjoyed and keeps trying to kiss him. We are NOT keeping him, NONONONO, just fostering, so if anybody wants to adopt him let me know. We won't let him go to just anybody of course, he's got to go to a MAPR approved family.
In other news, it was a fun weekend of family stuff. Saturday we were at the Ingles Family fun day at Camp Rockmont and the boys all had a blast swimming and eating lunch. I finished Eric's first Thuja, which, surprisingly, fit. Laura has a girl crush on me, yay! Monk n Psyche rawked, yay! I bought oreos, yay!
And of course today was spent picking up Oscar and getting him adjusted to the house. Fearless blind pug!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random Crochet and Slipper Socks

I finally finished the cupcake socks so I decided to try my friend Knittymac's pattern for socks on two straights. The pattern is called "Seabury Socks" and I used some plymouth encore heather and some pink peace fleece. They are kinda rustic looking because you have to sew them up after you bind off and I suck at sewing but they came out cute for slippers.
I also randomly decided to crochet a pretty edging on the valances that I made for the bathroom, and I had a matching yarn from the webs grab bag (not worth the dosh really). I have tons of ridiculous one skeins of weird colors in part acrylics now, so this was a great way to use one up. Turned out ok, I just did a sc then dc every other stitch.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lollipop Pies

Today we are having foodie fun. I saw this blog post and we made lollipop pies! We used apple and cherry pie filling, and the boys had fun scooping and rolling dough and putting the teeny pies together. I had our oven on 375 for about thirty minutes. Now I am forcing them to watch Gone with the Wind. Being born in Georgia they have to at least see it once, right? On the needles: chemo cap for Mother-in-law's friend Tobi.