Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random Crochet and Slipper Socks

I finally finished the cupcake socks so I decided to try my friend Knittymac's pattern for socks on two straights. The pattern is called "Seabury Socks" and I used some plymouth encore heather and some pink peace fleece. They are kinda rustic looking because you have to sew them up after you bind off and I suck at sewing but they came out cute for slippers.
I also randomly decided to crochet a pretty edging on the valances that I made for the bathroom, and I had a matching yarn from the webs grab bag (not worth the dosh really). I have tons of ridiculous one skeins of weird colors in part acrylics now, so this was a great way to use one up. Turned out ok, I just did a sc then dc every other stitch.

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